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Frequently Asked Questions

G2A Gift Codes

Where do I redeem my G2A Code?
Click on your portrait in the upper right corner and click on Redeem Code. You can also go Here.
Does the G2A Code give the same games as on the site?
The random bundle of a G2A code is a different type of product. It uses it's own unique algorithm. The games overlap, but they are not picked the same way as on the site.


What is G2A PAY?
G2A PAY is a payment gateway of G2A.COM, more information can be found Here.
How many payment methods are available on G2A PAY?
G2A PAY supports over 30 payment methods. It includes every global and international payment method and even provides support for a lot of local payment methods.
Why has my order been rejected by G2A PAY?
There are a lot of security reasons that may reject your order. Our advice for you is to avoid any kind of VPN or similar program. After 1 hour, try again. Rejected payments are refunded within 7 working days by G2A Pay. For more information about this kind of issues, please contact G2A Pay customer support Here.
My order has been completed. But my balance didn't increase.
Your balance will be increased automatically after your purchase has been completed by G2A Pay. If your balance remains the same, it means that your order has not been completed yet. Your order is stil on status "Pending" and is being processed by G2A Pay. If it has been rejected, G2A Pay will refund the money within 7 working days.
My order is on status "New". What should I do?
You have visited G2APay but did not continue the payment process. A new order will be created when you try again.

Random Keys

How does Gameodds pick their random keys?
Gameodds uses a unique algorithm to pick Random Keys to ensure quality and variation in our games.
I already have the game. What should I do?
You can gift it to a friend, keep it on the site or sell it somewhere. Later on we will implement a trade system so that you can trade it for other games. Do not click on the "Redeem Code" button if you want to trade it in the future.
Where do you get the price of a game?
All prices are based on the official US online stores (Steam, Origin,, ...) without discounts or special sales.
Can I receive a refund for a Random Key?
It is not possible to receive a refund for Random Keys. But in some rare cases, we may accept to attempt a refund for the user due to security reasons.
Does the test bundle represent a real bundle?
Yes, it uses the exact same algorithm. The chances are the same as with a real bundle.

Promo Codes

Promo code has already been used.
You've already used the promo code. A promo code can only be used once. Stay tuned for new promo codes.
Where can I find new promo codes?
Follow our social media for more promo codes or click on the bell in the bottom right corner to subscribe.


What is the Marketplace?
The Marketplace allows you to sell games that you don't want to other users on the site.
Is there a Fee?
No, there is no fee. You'll receive the full amount.
Will I be notified when a game has been sold?
Yes, if you activate notifications in your browser, you will receive a message in your browser.
How do I receive the money of the sold games?
The money will be added to your balance on the site.
My game is no longer on the Marketplace.
To prevent cluttering the marketplace, unsold games are removed and sent back to your library after 2 weeks.


Where do I redeem the Affiliate Code?
Click on your portrait in the upper right corner and click on Redeem Code. You can also go Here. An Affiliate Code can only be redeemed once.
When is a customer seen as an Affiliate?
Any customer that visits the site with your Affiliate URL and/or used your Affiliate Code will be seen as an Affiliate.
Can an Affiliate expire?
No, you will receive a commission for every deposit of the affiliate.
When do I receive Commission?
You'll receive a commission when an affiliate increases their balance.
I can't Redeem the key of the Free Game
You must do atleast 1 deposit on the site in order to redeem this key.
My Free Game is no longer there
Free games from Affiliates are returned back to us after 7 days if the code is not redeemed.